Ameise® Scissor Lift Pallet Truck with Quick Lift
Ameise® Scissor Lift Pallet Truck with Quick Lift


The Ameise® scissor lift pallet truck with quick lift delivers reliable Ameise® quality and enables ergonomic working. It can be used as a hand pallet truck, lift table, provisioning table or workbench, making it a particularly versatile tool. Loads weighing up to 1000kg can be raised to a fatigue-free working height using the tiller or foot pedal. The quick lift function can be activated manually on the tiller handle.
Versatile use as a lift table or workbenchQuick lift function with manual activationSide-mounted support feet for stabilityRobust single-cylinder telescopic hydraulic systemOverload valve protects against excess loadsAlso available with electric lift
Raise loads to an ergonomic height via the tiller or foot pedal

This scissor lift pallet truck offers robust Ameise® quality for daily use in a wide range of applications. As a combination between a pallet truck and lift table, it can be used as a tool for lifting, moving and provisioning your transported goods. You can raise loads to a comfortable, ergonomic height with just a few strokes of the tiller or using the foot pedal. This then allows you to replenish machines or stack and retrieve stored materials. The scissor lift pallet truck thus eliminates the need for bending and heavy lifting, thereby protecting the health of your employees.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between two lift speeds. A manual quick lift function for light loads (up to approx. 200kg) can be activated on the tiller handle. The normal lift is ideal for raising heavier loads with reduced effort.
All functions are easily operated via the control lever or the ergonomic plastic tiller handle. The load is lowered at an adjustable speed, allowing you to deposit sensitive goods with utmost control and precision.

As of a lift height of 400mm, side-mounted support feet secure the scissor lift pallet truck to ensure maximum stability and safety.
The welded sectional steel frame and forks are torsion-free and extremely hard-wearing. As a result, the scissor lift pallet truck retains its shape even when carrying loads of up to 1000 kg. The single-cylinder telescopic hydraulic system is particularly durable and maintenance-free. The overload valve protects the hydraulic system against excess loads.

The truck features polyurethane steering castors for high-quality, comfortable and low-noise travel, while also offering maximum capacity and a long service life. The single fork rollers are made from nylon and are thus very smooth running and wear-resistant.

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Aisle width
1907 mm
Ground clearance
20 mm
Chassis surface
Fork length
1150 mm
Fork roller diameter
75 mm
Overall width
540 mm
Overall length
1527 mm
Load centre
430 mm
Steering wheel diameter
180 mm
Steering wheel material
Polyurethane (PU)
1000 kg
Steering wheel width
50 mm
Fork roller width
50 mm
Lift height per pump stroke
28, 5/9 mm
Lift range
85 - 800 mm
Fork support width
540 mm
Ameise® Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
Pump strokes to max. lift height
26 / 83
Ameise PTM 1.0 Scissor E (2.73MB)

Ameise PTM 1.0 Scissor Lift Electric Manual

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  • Ameise® Scissor Lift Pallet Truck with Quick Lift

    Raises loads to an ergonomic height via the tiller or foot pedal

    • Use as lift table
    • Quick lift function 
    • Support feet 
    • Capacity 1000kg

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