The Ameise® electro-hydraulic scissor lift truck offers robust Ameise® quality and ensures ergonomic work processes. The 0.8 kW lifting motor supports you in lifting loads of up to 1,000 kg quickly and effortlessly at the push of a button. The scissor pallet truck is a universal talent and can be used as a hand pallet truck, lifting table , supply table or workbench . If necessary, you can also use the manual lifting function with a switchable Quicklift.
0.8 kW lifting motor for electric lifting800 mm lifting height for ergonomic workingRobust one-cylinder telescopic hydraulicsMaintenance-free battery 12 V / 60 AhInternal charger for easy charging
Regulate changing working

heights quickly and easily at the push of a button This scissor lift truck is an original from Ameise® and offers robust quality for everyday and versatile use. The combination of pallet truck and lifting table enables the load to be lifted, moved and made available. With the electric lift, you can easily and conveniently bring loads of up to 1,000 kg to an ergonomic and back-friendly working height at the push of a button. You can vary the working height perceived as optimal up to a height of 800 mm.

The pallet truck can be moved up to a lifting height of 400 mm. Then laterally attached support feet fix the scissor lift truck and ensure stability and safety. Now you can use the scissor lift truck as a workbench to equip machines or to store and retrieve material.

You can conveniently control all functions from the operating lever of the ergonomically shaped plastic tiller handle. The load is lowered at a controllable lowering speed; sensitive goods are set down carefully and gently.

The welded profile steel frame and the welded forks are torsion-free and particularly hard-wearing. The scissor lift truck does not warp even under loads of up to 1,000 kg. The one-cylinder telescopic hydraulic system is particularly durable and maintenance-free. The overload valve protects the hydraulic system from excessive loads.

You can charge the maintenance-free 12 V / 60 Ah battery with the internal charger at any 230 V socket. And if there is no power source at hand - the manual lifting function with switchable Quicklift is retained.

The polyurethane steering wheels offer high-quality, comfortable and quiet driving as well as maximum load-bearing capacity and a long service life. The single fork rollers are made of nylon, run particularly smoothly and are wear-resistant.

Order the versatile Ameise® scissor lift truck with electrohydraulic lift for ergonomic work processes from our range.
Ground clearance
20 mm
Chassis surface
Fork width
160 mm
Fork length
1170 mm
Fork roller material
Overall width
540 mm
Pallet truck material
Steering wheel diameter
180 mm
Steering wheel material
Polyurethane (PU)
1000 kg
Lift height per pump stroke
9.5 mm
Lift range
85 - 800mm
Battery voltage
Battery capacity
52 Ah / per unit
Lift type
715 mm
Ameise PTM 1.0 Scissor E (2.73MB)

Ameise PTM 1.0 Scissor Lift Electric Manual

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    Ameise® PTM 1.0 electro-hydraulic scissor lift truck

    The load can be lifted quickly without any effort - simply at the push of a button

    • Capacity 1000kg
    • Fork Length 1170mm
    • Mobile up to 400 mm
    • Lifting range 85-800 mm

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