The Ameise® weighing scale pallet truck with 1 kg display increments is ideal for simple weighing operations and weight controls in dispatch and goods receipt. 4 weighing cells and a measuring tolerance of 0.1% of the measured range ensure precise results at all times. The hand pallet truck impresses with its 2000 kg capacity, versatile application and robust quality. The high-quality Ameise® pump technology and quick lift function up to 120 kg save you time and energy during everyday pallet handling.
1 kg display incrementsMeasuring tolerance max. 0.1% deviation from measuring rangeTare, manual zero correction and totals memoryGross and net weight displayElectronics and display protected against dust and moisture (IP 65 protection)Automatic deactivation after 3 minutes
The Ameise® weighing scale pallet truck for precision weighing

If you require a tool for performing simple weight checks with utmost precision, then the Ameise® hand pallet truck with scales is the ideal solution. Be it for incoming goods inspections, establishing shipping weights or avoiding truck overloads – the weighing scale pallet truck offers accurate results in 1 kg display increments for all applications. This is ensured by the 4 weighing cells and a measuring tolerance of max. 0.1% of the measured range. Boasting robust Ameise® quality with a capacity of 2000 kg, the pallet truck is the perfect aid for weighing and transporting your goods.

Operation of the scales could not be simpler. After inserting the batteries (4 x 1.5 V / AA), you can use the scales for approx. one year when performing 5 weighing operations per day. To minimise energy consumption, the scales switch off automatically when not used for approx. 3 minutes. The other functions available to you include a gross and net weight display, tare function, manual zero correction and a totals memory. The large, easily readable display and the measuring cells feature IP65 protection against moisture and dust.

The rubber-coated handle allows you to raise, lower and transport your loads manually with utmost ease. The durable high-performance hydraulic pump is made from high-quality steel with hard chrome-plated pressure pistons to cope with the rigours of continuous daily use. Thanks to the quick lift function up to 120 kg, you can lift the pallet clear of the ground with just 2 strokes of the pump. The steering castors with solid rubber tyres combined with the polyurethane fork rollers ensure comfortable, low-noise travel with perfect grip. Depending on the ground conditions, you can choose between single or tandem rollers. Tandem rollers ensure smooth running over thresholds and uneven floors.

The Ameise® weighing scale pallet truck combines the functionality of precision scales with the mobility and flexibility of a hand pallet truck. Experience the benefits for yourself by purchasing the versatile weighing scale pallet truck from our shop.
Ground clearance
22 mm
Chassis surface
Tiller height
1210 mm
Tiller surface
Net weight
104 kg
Short distance
Fork width
180 mm
Fork length
1150 mm
Fork roller diameter
74 mm
Fork roller material
Polyurethane (PU)
Fork roller equipment
Overall width
555 mm
Overall length
1560 mm
Handle fittings
Rubber sheath
Load centre
600 mm
Steering wheel diameter
180 mm
Steering wheel material
Solid rubber
Pump strokes to lift pallet
Turning radius
1350 mm
2000 kg
Steering wheel width
50 mm
Fork roller width
70 mm
110 mm
Lift height per pump stroke
18 mm
Lift range
90 - 200 mm
Pump strokes to max. lift height
Battery voltage
1.5 V/per unit
Battery capacity
1.5 Ah/per unit
Chassis RAL Color
RAL 5018 turquoise blue
Steering radius
110 °
Power Supply Scale
IP protection type measuring cells
IP 67
Zero adjustment via keyboard
No. of batteries
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    Ameise® Hand Pallet Truck with Weighing Scales

    For accurate weighing operations in 1 kg increments

    • 2000kg capacity
    • Weighing scales
    • 1150mm forks
    • Tandem load wheels

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