With a folding box with lid, you store and transport products, workpieces and packaging goods in a dust-proof manner. If not in use, you place the large containers together for storage and empty transport in a space-saving way.
Folding box made of plastic with skidsSaves up to 80% storage space when foldedOptional with charging flap for easy accessBuild-up by 1 person in less than 1 minute possible
Flexible and efficient: Large containers

for folding with skids If you are looking for a space-saving solution for your transport work, you have found the ideal solution with a plastic folding box. When built up, products, workpieces or packaging goods find a dust-protected place for transport or storage.
The foldable containers are very stable, stackable and can be easily set up or folded. When not in use, you can easily fold the folding box and save up to 80% storage space. The folding boxes are also cold-resistant up to -30 °C and heat-resistant up to +60 °C, so you can also use them in cold stores. The plastic material of the boxes is resistant to most acids and alkalis.
You can choose your folding box with lid and additional charging flap. The latter also facilitates access.
The plastic folding box with skids is a practical packaging solution for all common logistics
formats. Order them in the execution of your choice here with us.
600 l
Outer Dimension Width
1200 mm
Outer Dimension Depth
800 mm
Walls Execution
Full wall, 1/2 full wall flap
Floors Execution
Temperature Resistant
-30 -70 C
Underrun Height
100 mm
Inner Dimension Height
700 mm
Inner Dimension Width
1150 mm
1200 kg
Polyethylene (PE) Polupropylene (PP)
each other
Opening Type
Charging flap
Inner Dimension Depth
750 mm
700 mm
Wall Thickness
6.5 mm
Edge Execution
Stacking edge
500 kg
Picking Height
900 mm
Dead Load
35 kg
Outer Dimension Height
940 mm
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    Folding box made of plastic with skids

    Space savings thanks to high-quality and stable folding containers

    • Folding box with plastic skids
    • Saves up to 80% storage space
    • Stackable folding containers
    • Cold & heat resistant

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