Choosing Stacker Trucks

Choosing Stacker Trucks

Choosing Stacker Trucks

Hydraulic Stacker Trucks

Hydraulic stacker trucks differentiate themselves from forklifts by offering an entry-level solution at a lower price point. Ideal for workplaces where only occasional lifting is required, hydraulic stacker trucks are operated by hand but offer ergonomic controls to ensure comfort for the user. Capable of lifting heavy loads through optimised hydraulic systems, these stackers are available in a variety of designs for a broad range of applications. The selection of stacker trucks on the Jungheinrich SHOP website also include:

· Premium build quality with low-maintenance design

· A range of fork lengths and widths

· Ergonomic controls and easy operation

· Excellent price/performance ratio

Electric Stacker Trucks

Electric stacker trucks share a number of features with electric forklift trucks, including motorised lifting capabilities for the heaviest goods. Electric stackers are available with manual drive or electric drive, allowing you to choose which model best supports your manual handling fleet and your budget. Additionally, electric stacker trucks provide superb manoeuvrability and precision lifting using intelligent controls and ergonomic design for operator comfort. The Jungheinrich SHOP range of electric stackers also features:

· Robust manufacture and materials for durability

· Safety features and superb stability

· Versatility in both stacking and transportation

· A choice of full- or semi electric