Choosing Forklift Trucks

Choosing Forklift Trucks

Choosing Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks represent the top-tier of pallet and heavy load lifting, providing the ultimate in transportation and stacking solutions in warehouses and storage depots where operational efficiency is critical. Through reliable lift and drive motors, precision manufacturing, and superb durability, forklift trucks bring versatility to your manual handling fleet across a broad range of applications. Spacious and comfortable driver’s cabs ensure excellent visibility, while low-maintenance components keep your forklifts operational with minimal attention. Jungheinrich SHOP offers a range of forklift trucks for sale that include:

· Tyres suitable for either indoor or outdoor use on a range of surface types

· High load capacity for the heaviest loads and oversize goods

· Choice between one, two, or three stage masts

· Safety features such as audible reversing alerts and lighting

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