Thanks to the two special rotating wheel stars, each with 3 TPE wheels, the stair cart can easily be pulled up a flight of stairs step by step. The load stands securely against the frame on the large sheet metal shovel and can be transported without any problems.
Welded tubular steel frame, with powder coating or aluminum frameLoad capacity 200 kg3-armed wheel starTPE tires - great driving comfort and low noise
Steps are no longer a problem with this stair cart from fetra®

Stairs are usually a difficult and uncomfortable obstacle when transporting and loading. With the stair cart from fetra®, this obstacle can also be easily bridged and large and small goods can be easily transported over steps and landings. The possible uses for cargo range from sacks to barrels, boxes, boxes, furniture and much more. The load is secured by a cross brace, which offers a good support surface for the load. The stair trolley from fetra® has ergonomic handles with ankle protection. These are inclined so that they lie horizontally in the hand during transport. This means that less effort is required to hold and the load during transport is energy-saving.
The 3-armed wheel spider of the stair cart from fetra® enables the hand truck to be pulled up on stairs. The stair cart is created by fetra® by bringing a space between the 3 wheels to the step. The star-shaped arrangement of the wheels on a central deep groove ball bearing means that the load can then simply be pulled upwards. The mudguard in front of the wheels ensures that the load does not drag on the wheels while driving and can become wedged. The stair trolley from fetra® is equipped with TPE tires. They are characterized by elasticity, shock absorption and resistance to acids. The TPE tires are gentle on the floor and cause little driving noise. They are suitable for many floors, even uneven and rough floors are not a challenge.

The best way to facilitate transport in the case of stairs and obstacles.
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    Stairs Trolley Fetra®, 3-Wheel

    Specially designed and suitable for use on steps and landings

    • Load capacity 200kg
    • Shovel width 320mm
    • Shovel depth 250mm
    • Wheels - TPE

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