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To easily transport goods on pallets, a hand pallet truck, also called a pallet jack, pallet lifter, or pallet pump, is the most convenient option. When selecting a hand pallet truck, it's crucial to take into account the weight capacity required, as well as the type of pallet you'll be using, which is commonly either an Industry Pallet or a Euro Pallet. This decision will determine the necessary fork length for the manual pallet you choose to purchase.

Additional factors to consider when purchasing a pallet jack are the type of wheels you need, such as Nylon, Rubber, or Polyurethane, and whether single or tandem load wheels are necessary. If you're uncertain about the right hand pallet truck for your operation in Ireland, please use our online chat feature to discuss your specific needs. We're always ready to assist you in selecting the ideal pallet lifter for your application.

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